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Our training, designed to meet your needs and suit your world, looks both internally and externally.   For customer facing front line people and their back office support colleagues, for teams and their supervisors, for managers and leaders – we develop workshops that improve the skills you need for success.

We engaged SCC to bring a paradigm shift in the way three shared service teams understood, engaged, and delivered their services to our customers.  This required understanding differing types of customers and their needs, how to communicate effectively and engage early, realising that a customer’s requirements includes being informed, updated and treated as an individual.  Without the bespoke training received, we could never have ensured the teams’ ownership and determination to bring about new ways of working.

Jon Everard – Human Resources Division, University College London

“Kathy did a couple of ‘bespoke’ training courses for us recently, we’d identified that it was sometimes difficult to deal with internal stakeholders and customers with difficult (emotional) presentations.  Kathy put together a fantastic workshop using professional actors who role played customers.  I’d certainly consider using Kathy for future bespoke workshops.”

Team Manager in one of the big four banks

“This workshop was invaluable!  Kathy gave my team skills and options for handling awkward situations.  She helped us think about things from a different perspective so that dispersing anger became much easier”

Sarah – Financial Controller, educational establishment.

Our interactive and engaging workshops challenge delegates.  Our facilitators work with people so they can benefit from greater self awareness, learn how to adapt their behaviour and leave with an action plan for what they will do differently back at work.   Talk to us about how we can work with you to help your people be the best that they can be.