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Welcome to Supporting Customer Care

We started out in 1996 wanting to shake up the customer service world because we believe passionately in the power of the customer. As time has gone by, we’ve realised that simply looking after your customers isn’t enough.

People remember how you make them feel.   And in 20 years of supporting organisations to make customer experience part of their DNA, we’ve learned that the feelings of people on the inside are just as important as those on the outside.

So in 2016, we now work with businesses, their leaders and their people to help them deliver memorable experiences.  Whether we’re consulting, developing or coaching our clients, we bring warmth, passion and insight to the relationship.


Our proven success factors model delivers sustainable and relevant change, by asking questions that hold leaders to account for the customer service focus of their business.


Our training is engaging and challenging, working with operational teams, managers and leaders to maximise the value that comes from taking personal responsibility in their role


Our one to one work gives people the gift of seeing themselves as others see them.  We challenge and support in equal measure, helping the coachee find the answers for themselves