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When employee experience is memorable for the wrong reasons, we know the customer experience will be memorable for the wrong reasons too.   Honesty and challenge in our one to one work can help people see how others see them.  And self knowledge  drives lasting behavioural change, from executive level down.

Elsby & Co have ambitious plans for future expansion. Kathy’s help and support is absolutely crucial to our development – she provides inspirational guidance to myself and my team. With Kathy’s help we feel ready to take on the world!

Carl Elsby – Founding Partner, Elsby and Company Ltd

Supporting Customer Care helped us develop a new vision for our Customer Service team.  Kathy was then instrumental in successfully coaching the team at a time of mindset and organisational change.

Luc Belaiche – Operations Director, Collingwood Lighting

The assistance Kathy gave me proved extremely productive in focusing my mind on the problems faced.  From our first meeting it was clear that her manner of dealing with complex and sensitive issues was suited to the coaching role.  She listened patiently and remained professionally impartial, not passing judgement but exploring alternative interpretations.

Throughout this process Kathy encouraged me to look at what things through the other’s eyes.

Co-owner of IT business, Northants

The one to one coaching relationship can bring about amazing breakthroughs that drive positive change.  You cannot achieve big things on your own but a coach will hold you to account, whatever the challenge.  When you want support in taking the scary steps, let us know, and we’ll be with you all the way, balancing a light touch with an inner core of steel.